The Suffering

I know it is not that old but I think that this game is fantastic, fresh and produces something that no other game has ever created, fear. I shall now talk about the game and how it has earned it's place in here.

Ok, The Suffering was a horror/shooter made in 2003 by Midway for PS2. The game is set on a desolit island called Carnet, Carnet is an island which has a maximum security prison, quary, small town, asylum and WWII pow camp. All of which you travel to in due time, but you start of at the prison which is huge in itself, but then are led to the WWII camp which is right under the prison. As of the story, you are a convict called Tourque destined for death row for killing your wife and two sons, so a bad man clearly. Skip on a little and you escape your holding cell due to a rupture of sorts, to find a weapon, what do you get to fight unspeakable creatures of evil? A shiv, a blade, a little shard of metal. Great what next? Your first foe is the most lethal foe I have came across in a game, a torso with it's limbs replaced with shivs or knifes, it's head is not part of it's body but suspended over the neck via nails and steal bars. It is called a slayer and is a reincarnation of the knife crimes comited in the prison itself. That is just one of the creatures that rome the island. But I won't spoil any more of the game now, let us talk about game micanics and atmospheres.

The Suffering uses a moral system which is so in depth it can sometimes become a way of self awareness for the player. Like for example, I was fighting through a room full of Slayers and at the end of the fight a slayer is torn in half at the other half of the room crawling away from you, if you kill it you gain positive karma, which is contrary to how my mind works, so you realise just how much of a bastard you are. I left it to suffer.
Another thing about the game is the ability to change from 1st person to 3rd in a click of the square button, which makes two completly different games. A further point is that the plot dose not drive of into something stupid like it was all a dream or some shite. Oh and another thing is that when you unlock the rage mode thing for Torque, don't use it for the first playthrough, it kills the atmosphere.

So yeah, buy The Suffering and a new pair of underpants.
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May 4, 2012