Movie Scores And Classical Music

I love listening to Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, and most other Russian composers during the classical and romantic era, as well as Beethoven and other composers, but I'm not sure whether I'm a true classical fan, because the songs I like almost all have fantastic melodies. I don't appreciate atonal music, or really any classical music that doesn't have a strong melody line, and I think that makes me something of a lay listener. :( Anyway, for that reason I really like movie score music, which I realize isn't classical either. Especially the music of John Williams--I was saying "John Williams is the man" long before that youtube video came out! Critics sometimes accuse him of not having a distinctive style, such as that of Randy Newman, but he does have a style: awesome. Literally, his style is "awesome." Every score he does is fresh, has a very original melody that immediately catches the audience's attention, and which more importantly cues in to the emotional impact of the scene/movie. In Superman, Christopher Reeve said that he didn't know how to play the flying scene until he heard Williams' score, the famous "I Can Read Your Mind."

Anyway, just some thoughts and facts that I've picked up from reading tons of movie score literature about Williams. Other favorites include James Horner, Bill Conti, Ennio Morricone and others. Haha, sort of strayed from my point that I don't consider myself a true classical music fan. Regardless, I love orchestral music--especially if it has a good melody!
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Certainly agree with you about Williams and Mirricone, fine composers with broad range of what they can do, and both have written "classical" pieces that are not movie scores. James Horner, however, is, in my opinion, a hack. I liked most everything about Titanic except for Horner's goopy score, and I was delighted last year when the awful score for Avatar did not win the Oscar. The winner was a worthy one, Michael Giachinno for UP, though I would have voted for Alexandre Desplat's wonderful score for The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Danny Elfman, and Elmer Bernstein are other favorites of mine. E. Bernstein's score for To Kill a Mockingbird is a perfect match of music to movie.

I'm not well schooled in Classical Music or Films.<br />
One that I love is Woody Allen's Manhattan set to Gershwin.

Indeed wonderful music for a wonderful movie. Allen is a master at picking exactly the right music for his films. The music that Mendelssohn wrote for A Midsummer Night's Dream is used to magical effect in Allen's A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy.

Michael Giachino

I had the privilege of seeing John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl and Natalie Cole came out and sang to some music for three or four numbers.He also did a medley of his famous movie scores which closes out the show.Just a fantastic night under the stars with with wine,cheese,and John Williams conducting the orchestra.I think you would have love it.

Jerry Goldsmith is the Don of the film score there was little he couldn't do, the Hunter from Plant of the Apes changed my life.<br />
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Check out the following, you might like them they write strong melody ba<x>sed scores similar to Sivestri and Williams:<br />
<br />
Michael Kamen: robin hood prince of thieves very good <br />
Howard Shore Lord of the Rings<br />
James Newton Howard, <br />
Alan Menken did some fun Disney scores like Aladdin, <br />
Harry Gregson-Williams did Sherk films and the Narnia films nice melodys<br />
Danny Elfman really varied work everything from the Simpson’s theme to Desperate House wives theme via The nightmare before christmas.<br />
<br />
I like Carter Burwell (fargo is a great score) but all time fav is Thomas Newman’s Nemo Egg from Find Nemo. Just captures musical everything the ocean is, awesome.<br />
<br />
Also check out these Late romantic nationalist composers <br />
Isaac Albéniz, (piano music)<br />
Manuel de Falla (errr all of it)<br />
Enrique Granados ( spainsh chopin) <br />
Joaquín Rodrigo (guitar concerto) <br />
Antonio Lauro (realy good guitar solo works)

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