I love the music of Robert Schumann. I've loved it since I was a teenager. I started playing the Scenes from Childhood when I was 15. I first came to know the symphonies. The Fourth is my favorite. More recently I've gotten to know his amazing piano music, Kreisleriana, the Humoreske op. 20, the Toccata op. 7, and so forth. I think I listen to some Schumann just about every day. I guess you could call it an addiction. I have to listen to Schumann!!
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I have more then 20 recordings of Carnaval. Amazing. My prefered

Annie Fischer was a great interpret of Schumann and not only.

This morning I listened to Schumann's Carnaval, The Scenes from Childhood, and Papillons! When I get home maybe I'll listen to the Second Symphony.