Great Mood Music

Not only do I love classical (Beethoven's 7th symphony, 2nd movement is my fav.)  but there are modern as well - particulary love Vangelis.  Have since I first heard his music back in the 70's (Aphrodite's child '666' album). 

I even took a college class on it and got an A! (Symphonic literature).

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5 Responses May 23, 2007

Beethoven!! <br />
I really, really like the first movement of Ludwig's 3rd Symphony, "Eroica". Also a big fan of Furtwangler's performance of Beethoven's 9th from 1953 Bayreuth Festival. Schwarzkopf sings on that performance. <br />
Solti's 9th is good if you want a stereo recording.

My favorite Vangelis is his Hymne. God, it is haunting when played by a good string quartet!

My favorite version to 'ode to joy' (9th - 4th movement) is from the movie Raising Arizona - they played it on the banjo mixed in with the rest of the music (I love that movie!)

I prefer the 4th movement of the 9th. Very inspiring.

Yeah I like the classics: Beetles, CCR, Steppenwolf... just kidding!! +} When we kids were young, once or twice a week she'd put classical music on when they still used the 78 record style!! lol. We could play,read, or rest, but mom insisted we be quiet enough to "absorb" the music you speak of. She wanted us to get variety of music. We also listened to Oldies with her, and country with dad. At church we got the gospel. Mom wanted us to appreciate ALL FORMS of music. We even got her to listen to a little Guns-N-Roses!! lol