Classical Music And Me

Classical music is soothing, calming and wonderful. So where are the people in my age who share my interest and music taste? I will just have to wait.
Jane128 Jane128
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Hi Jane... i feel your pain... i am in my 50s, and have yet to find that sole mate that loves classical music the way i do. all my relationships (some good some turning out not so good!) have one thing in common, none of them shared my passion for this sort of music.. i am going thru a divorce now and i swear that i will never again end up that way again! i am dusting off all my recordings and planning on getting caught up! keep looking for the right guy, as it is part of your soul!

love classical music, Mozart, string music favorite.

I'm 19 and i like classical music, especially when reading, i like Beethoven, Mozart, Carmina Burana , etc. but like you i'm the only one in my circle of friends, maybe one day you will meet that someone who likes classical music too