Ottarino Respighi: Italian Passion At Its Finest!

Respighi's "Ancient Airs and Dances" has been a favorite of mine for many years. I've heard numerous orchestral interpretations of it, and I'm always amazed at how each sounds so surprisingly different. The one to me that captures Respighi's passion at its most intense is from the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra conducted by the indisputably brilliant Sir Neville Marriner. My advice to anyone who decides to take this one for a test drive: Pour yourself a glass of Sangiovese, dim the lights, light a few candles, and crank it up. It will exhilarate you, then break your heart. But in a GOOD way. ;)

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Fascinating, consa. Thank you! I am looking forward to finding out what "weirdly passionate" sounds like, as I've never heard the two Respighi pieces to which you refer. :) However, I'm not at all surprised to learn that jazz greats studied the classical composers. I guess it's a bit like modern artists who study the work of the old masters in order to discover and realize their own artistic vision: one must know and understand all of the rules before one can successfully break them!

Thanks, sweetie! *MWAH!!*

Hahahaha! Myo, we were talking about this just a few minutes ago. I told him this thread had been resurrected, and he remembered it. We had so much fun chasing each other around here back then! Now we can just chase each other around in person. ;) And to answer your question, yes. It's one of his favorite past-times!

This is way too cute. I see the thread opened with some nimble fingered flirting. I know he's still nimble fingered, but does he still flirt?

Thanks for the tip about the old recording of the Tallis. I will see if I can track it down. (I love music services! :)) I am not as familiar with Warlock, but since you recommend it so highly, I will definitely track down the Capriol Suite as well.

Thanks for the info, I'll definitely check it out

Troubleshooter, I think I have the same Vaughn Williams CD. It has the Tallis Fantasia and The Lark Ascending with Iona Brown as the violin soloist. It's pure magic, isn't it? (I posted a blog a couple of months ago with a version of The Lark featuring Janine Jensen. It was gorgeous, too!) Enjoy those whiskeys. I've never developed a taste for the stuff, but you are welcome to join us with one in front of a cozy fireplace in our "new" old home for a musical evening. This place used to be a tavern, after all. It would only be fitting! :)<br />
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Faucon, I think you would enjoy the Vaughn Williams in addition to the Respighi. It would be nicely dramatic for sunrise viewing!

LordV, I think you will enjoy it. Possibly the easiest way to find it would be through a music service like Rhapsody, if you subscribe to one. Let me know if you track it down and if you enjoyed it! I'd love to hear what you think.

Aw! exactly what I need right now.<br />
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I am going to try it, I have to find the track first. Thanks for the suggestion.

I happen to know for a fact that you are indeed familar with Signor Resphighi, as well as Sir Neville. As his name implies, Sir N. might well be two years before the mast, but that does not preclude him from conducting Resphighi's beautiful work with utmost authority as well as a most satisfactory level of <i>molto allegro. </i>

Not only am I familiar with Ottarino Respighi, Little Ms. Precious Smartypants, I even know who Sir Neville Marriner is - and I will hasten to add that, for a mariner he waves a mean stick and looks very clean in a tux.

Geeeeez, Dad...I was talking about the slow-sippin' fancy kinda wine, not the stuff in the box that you chug, for criminy's sake! (And are you stalking me? ;)) <br />
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Admit're just hazing me because you have no idea who Ottarino Respighi is.

Oh you kids today! When will you ever learn that intoxicants serve to dull, not sharpen, the artistic experience! The only reason I was stoned when I saw Hendrix is that they wouldn't let you in if you weren't!