Does anyone else listen to classical music on a daily basis or is it just me? Lol.
Camille Saint-Saens and Dvorak are my favorites by the way.
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If you like Saint Saens no doubt you've heard the Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso

First time I heard it was it was being performed by a violin & piano only up in the old Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg - incredible

Lol!! Yeah I've heard that before.

Almost every day I listen to.

Sound like you're more of a cellist fan :)
Those are also my favorites
haven't listen to them as much as when I practiced tho.

Lol!! I'm a fan of a lot if instrument, which will be the ones that I'm going to learn.

Lol I'm so tired of that song.

lol do you like Bach?

Lol!! He's ok, his songs aggravate me lol.

I'm not really into the regulars alike Bach and Mozart.

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Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and Wagner for Romantics. Copeland and Gershwin for modern.