Classical Music

I've been a fan of classical music ever since I started playing the piano at around 5 years old..

Rachmaninov (I love the preludes), Chopin (nocturnes and mazurkas), Liszt (Liebestraum), Schumann (Fantasiestucke), Beethoven (Sonatas), etc. .

Recently I dated someone who loved classical music too, he introduced me to Alkan, which is some really really nice piano work in my opinion :D I have yet to learn anything of his, my current goal is some Rachmaninov and Liszt to avoid getting rusty.

It's relaxing, and also it's fun to show non-classical music fans that such composers "are actually pretty good".  

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2 Responses Jul 14, 2009

Rachmaninov one of my favs esp piano concerto #2.

Helas Gabby, we're dying out. I wish that I could transfer all the pleasant positive energy that I get after listening to classical music to the youngsters that I know and love, my young nieces for one. A few years ago I experienced the highpoint of a still growing anti-classical music movement when a male collegue of mine, of same age, had a really awfull joke at the expense of Rostropopovitch. I could have challenged him to a duel, but then again it's not that age nor am I a gentleman.