Such a Relief

its such a reliefe when you stick in that cotten wool bud and give your ear a good clean, you get that itch going in there and they you squirm with pleasure, and when you are done you just relaz and let out a sigh of pure relief lol i know im a freak but i love it lol.

jossiemarie jossiemarie
22-25, F
6 Responses May 8, 2008

lol its so true though it does fill nice you feel like you wanna do like a dog and lean your head into it lol

I'm with you. I love it! My mom used to clean my ears for me when I little. She'd have me lay down on her bed and would use a cotton swab ever so gently. It was very nice.

yes lol

pmsl each to their own hunny each to thier own

yes and oddly satisfying lol

lmao ok odd