I love cleaning my ears especially when there is wax or an itch. I also stick the q tip very deep in my ear. Everyone always freaks out from how deep it can go. But it feels soo good! I've never once had an ear infection and I guess it's pretty common for people with clean ears lol. Well whatever it feels freakinf great when I do it and this far I haven't gotten a negative result from it. And my hearing is better than most!
Krystalgarciaa Krystalgarciaa
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2 Responses Jun 29, 2014

First time I reas this haha Cant judge your fetish lol

Argh that's. Something I can't ever do. It's really bad for my ears

It feels so good! Like it's an unexplainable feeling. Lol sometimes it'll hurt like if I go too deep but if I do it super slow and twist the q tip super slow it feel soo good. My eyes seriously roll back haha. Ok I sound all creep and obsessed

Yeah... * looks at a non existant watch and runs* I'm. Late to a party!!!