I grew up in western Oregon in a logging town and spent a lot of time in the trees.  My friends and I built tree forts in the woods and in the front yard and often when I wanted to think I would go outside and sit up on the branch of a tree.  The first time I hung out with one of my friends, we went climbing trees together.  There was this one coniferous tree in our front yard that was really cool because if you climbed to the very top, the branches came out in a circle, very symmetrically and if you put your feet near the trunk, you could lay back on a branch/ branches with your face towards the sky.  My neighbors and I brought sleeping pads up there and lay down and watched the sky.  We also played hide and go seek in the dark a lot and hid in the trees all the time.  When I moved to NYC I was shocked to find out that climbing trees here is illegal.  I guess they are afraid of creepy people doing it and then dropping down and robbing you or something.  Sad.

musikkvinne musikkvinne
26-30, F
Mar 22, 2010