Like Pulling Up Your Skirt

When I see a woman with her nape sheared or shaved, the heavy weight line becomes the hem of her skirt.  As I brush the back of my hand up her nape its as exciting as if it were her thighs. Layings down the clipper and picking up the razor is like pulling down her panties as the trimmed nape now becomes soft white flesh. The shaving creme is very specially prepared wet, warm, and the razor glides across the flesh leaving a scent all women should know.
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I absolutely adore your analogy! So deeply sensual and erotic.

A clippered woman is so very undressed not just simple nakedness and the feeling, that sensation, her shaved head back and sides on my inner thighs then after using the razor on her cant be compared to any other feeling. Once you have submitted resisting becomes a thing of the past.

One day I hope to find a like minded man for a long term relationship who I can share all of this with...again. Although I've never been shaved with a razor and I SO want to experience it!!

The desire is there. When you least expect it a man will pop into your life who shares that same need. Its such a daring move for you, a boldness unlike simple love making. Seek him out, you will be surprised.

Where will you find him? I would encourage you begin getting trimmed in a traditional barber shop. Initiate open conversations with guys who are there for their trimming and even an invite for coffee when finished, the ice will be broken and you can sense who will be the man who will share this with you. Give it a chance and soon it will all come together.

Its frustrating to harbor such desires and no have them fulfilled. Not being as naked as you should be when you need it is torturous.

A shaved neck on a woman is so sexy and irresistible to me.

I always cut my wifes hair always like a boy, sheared nape maybe an inch long top but it goes much shorter by the time im finished and in the past I would shear her bare. Now mostly i simply enjoy the pleasure she derives feeling me lift her skirt. and I lift it high. I think the sound of the clippers and the heat from them with the scent of the clipper oil is a true aphrodisiac. Of course the warmth of the specially prepared "shaving creme" she feels when I apply it to her nape and then the feeling and sound of the razor when I bare her "Nape" , like pulling down her panty.

wow, this is a very nice feeling, i would love to have a boyfriend like you :)

Its very possible. Have you ever been sheared? Tell me something of yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. Im glad you enjoyed the description. How would it be for you if you were the one in the chair? T.

Nope, I have never been sheared. My hair is long. This is a dream/fantasy for me. I would really love to have a barber cut my hair into very short boys cut, buzz my nape of neck and sides, clean my hairline with a razor... it would be really exciting...

It will happen. What makes you hesitate? Would it be easier if you had someone accompany you to the barber? What you desire isn't as extreme as you might first think. Important that when the time comes that you encourage the barber to get close with the clippers and indicate you really want to experience what boy experiences when he is getting sheared. Take a deep breath close your eyes and enjoy. Once you have done it from them in the next cut will be welcome.

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This is so true though.....

I loved the comparison!!