Clipper Cuts

i love sexy short haircuts on women. Two inches or less on top and the sides and back closely buzzed with clippers with a number one gaurd. mmmm it looks great and feels wonderful. i love to touch it with my hands and the head of my ****. Oh damn that feels so totally awesome.
clipperman88 clipperman88
46-50, M
4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

So Sandy, what state do you hail from? Would you be interested in getting together for some S and M barbershop fun with me and my sexy short shorn wife???

mmmmmmmmmmm every gal I've done it to has loved it Sandy.

Doug is a weirdo fer sure.

But he does like his g/f to look like a woman/lady

No way - big buns & super long hair is sexy & much more of a turn on