When I was about 14, I was changed forever.  My mom was rushing me out of the library and I had to make a quick pick off the shelves.  The book was red, so it drew my attention.  Just happened to be written by one of the most amazing writers of our time.  Everville blew me away; I had never been so amazed by a book.   And it stands the test of time.  I have read it over 15 times and it just keeps making me fall in love with it.  All of his books are this way.  Let me know what you think.
savmethruslavery savmethruslavery
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1 Response Jul 23, 2007

Couldn't agree more. Clive Barker is amazing. i've read most of his stuff. Everville was great and what about Weaveworld? Or how about American Gods? Or can anyone say Hellraiser? That movie was based on his characters. i like how Clive Barker can describe the indescribable. His work kicks the crap out of Steven King as far as i'm concerned!