MyenWh Progression Toward Cloth Diapers

You can say my love of cloth diapers was a natural progression. Being a bed-wetter during the greater part of my childhood, wearing diapers to bed was always a consideration. I started the ball rolling when I was four when I pinned on some of my younger brother's diapers which he had just been trained out of. When my mom found me sleeping in diapers, instead of being angry, she agreed this might be a good solution to my problem. She had taken me to several doctors who all said the same thing, " Leave him alone and he will grow out of it." Some of my mom's friends found out about my problem and "our" solution and persuaded my mom to take me out of the diapers. But, the short time I spent in diapered bliss was all it took for me to fall in love the the feel, the security and the wonder of wearing cloth diapers and especially plastic pants.

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2 Responses May 18, 2009

I would love to be in cloth diapers 24/7! Lucky you!

it's a shame that your Mom got talked out of you letting stay diapered. I still can remember a lot of the conversations that my Mom had with ladies who would see me walking next to my Mom, and start by asking her why i was STILL in diapers. But, my Mom knew what to say, and put them in their place.You didn't mention how your Mom reacted to diapering you, or if she ever let you stay diapered other than just for bed. So, it's hard to say, if you would have wanted to stay diapered for long. Or if she would have continued for much longer. Because of my diaper wearing, our pediatrician advised against potty training our kids, and instead offer them the option. Figuring that they would get tired of being diapered, around the age that they were old enough to understand why i needed to always be diapered. Sure, they eventually decided to finally become potty trained. About 10 years later. Yet, that still didn't stop them from wanting to be diapered for what the pediatrician refers to as "recreational purposes". Consider yourself lucky, that you got to grow up in the cloth diaper era. And enjoy them everyday and night now. I've heard from too many others, who waited to long to enjoy themselves well diapered like they've always wanted. Then, when they finally did, they regretted wasting so much of their life, yielding to some silly inhibitions that they easily overcame....too late.