Caught By My Mum

For this I have to go back about twenty years now so no Internet or instant messaging we had to do it the hard way I bought my nappies via mail order they were just as expensive back then. Any how I had agreed to spend two nights at my mum's house over the Christmas holidays because my brother and sister where both away. On the first night I arrived later than planned as I could not get away from work so when I arrived my mum was almost ready for bed, After a brief chat mum went off to bed and I stayed downstairs having a couple of beers before retiring for the night I was staying in my sisters room as it was the bigger of the two and I had a bit more space I'd bought a couple of nappies with me with the thought of possibly wearing one at some point. Being now very tired and pretty much half cut I decided it would be a good idea to wear a nappy to bed which is what I did. I had a great nights sleep and work around 6.30am needing the loo knowing I was wearing a nappy I decided to ignore the feelings and stay where I was in the nice warm bed after about 30 minutes I was getting desperate and still not wanting to get up I let a little leak in to my nappy that leak became a small flood and now I was soaked, I felt guilty for doing it yet strangely excited as it felt naughty to be doing it in my mums house. I am ashamed to say I gave into my desires and had one of the most mind blowing ******* ever after that I just lay there dosing in my soggy nappy. Around 8 I finally decided to get up and get my self showered and cleaned up I had a spare carrier bag so I thought I would put the wet nappy into it to take home and wash the following day.Just as I was bending over to pick up my bag there was a knock on the door and before I could even answer my mum walked straight in carrying a cup of coffee for me time just froze in almost slow motion I stood up moved to take the coffee cup and then saying thanks sat on the bed. My mum just stood there for what seemed like and eternity before saying if you have any washing bring it downstairs and I'll do it for you and don't spend to long in that wet nappy you'll get a rash. With my mind still reeling at what had just happened I sat there not knowing what to do half of me just wanted to get up and run away yet the other half of me was kind of glad it was now out in the open all I had to do now as deal with it. If your interested I'll let you know how it went.   
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I'm interrested in how it went. :)