Caught Part2

OK embarrassment of all embarrassment's I'd be caught by my mum wearing a thick cloth nappy and so far the only reaction I had had was don't stay in it to long or you will get a rash. I had to make a decision what was my next move to be, then I heard a voice calling from down stairs ( If you want any washing doing can you bring it down with you) this spurred me into action I decided that since I'd been seen the only thing to do was to front up and go for it. I went to the bathroom , ******** and showered quickly got dressed and went downstairs with as mush dirty washing as I could lay my hands on including my soggy nappy.Once in the kitchen I made a point of dropping all the clothes into the wash basket and then said to mum where do you want me to put this holding up the nappy expecting a reply of the bin I was quite surprised when I was told to put it in with the towels and I'll do it on a boil wash. So far so go no awkward questions yet, but there was defiantly tension in the air I put the kettle on to make another coffee and walked to the table to pick up my cigarettes since at mum's we only smoked outside I thought this would by me a bit more breathing space. Stepping out into the garden and lighting my cigarette I realized I was still a bundle of nerves and my hands were lightly shaking I tried to calm myself down whist frantically playing out every imaginable scenario in my head then mum appeared. First question, So how long have you been doing that then, Answer, what, you know wearing nappies like a baby, Oh that for about the last nine years on and off, why do you do it do you have some sort of medical problem are you sick or just not right in the head ? No mum I'm neither I do it because I enjoy it, they help me to relax give me a sense of calm and help me to sleep better. So you don't really need to wear them then ? No as I just said I choose to to because it gives me pleasure, but that is just wrong a grown man shouldn't't be getting pleasure from wearing nappies it's just not right. OK so if you had not have seen me this morning you wouldn't't know and you haven't known for the last nine years I'm still exactly the same person as I was when I went to bed last night the only difference now is your perception of me because of what you saw now excuse me if you think I'm out of line but as a son have I ever condemned you for all those times I heard you in your room moaning because those toy's of yours where giving you so much pleasure no so don't be so quick to judge. I know nappies are a bit weird but that is what floats my boat I don't quite know how I first got into it but I did and here we are. I'm sorry if you find it unacceptable and I'll listen to any opinions that you have but at the end of the day I'm an adult and I will make my own dissension's and choices. Any way if you where that shocked or enraged you could have told me to throw it away or even just thrown me out the house so what do you want to do ? The reply was again quite abstract she just said come on lets go in and get that coffee, over the next hour or so there was the odd question but things were more like normal than anything else it was really quite strange it was almost like mum Had buried her head in the sand thinking it never happened or would just go away, we id normal things for the rest of the day we went out for lunch did a bit of shopping that sort of thing and nappies were not mentioned once. We had already agreed that I would stay for a second night so I had agreed to cook dinner whilst I was busy preparing things mum came out and said to me. I've been thinking all day and whilst I don't think that wearing nappies is normal by any stretch of the imagination if that is what you want to do then that's up to you I don't mind if you want to wear them while you are here but just because I know doesn't't mean your brother and sister want to so what you do in private or just with me around is fine but that's how it stay's and I let your clean nappy on the bed upstairs. Shocked or what I nearly cut my finger off with the knife I was holding I said thanks and since that day I think we have only mentioned nappies half a dozen times but I'm glad she accepted it. 
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I found your account about your mother and your love of nappies really interesting. I'm one of several brothers, and ever since a young child have loved nappies and later as a teen girly things, so it's become a nateral thing for me to love dressing as a baby girl. Once my mother nearly caught me dressed in a black babydoll nighty stockings and suspenders and panties, I'd slept in them, well most of the night i was awake playing........hehehe! Anway it was a Saturday morning and she called me down for breakfast, as there was no movement, she duely arrived at the door. I covered myself up and pretended to be very sleepy. She came in and sat on the edge of the bed, saying I was waisting a beautiful day. To my horror she started to lift the bed covers to tickle my feet. I felt so bad , but I raised my voice and said yes i'd get up straight away. I still feel bad , as my mother was inocentally just plaing! I often wish she'd found me in my girly things or my nappies, which in those days I made from folding large white bath towels. I would have loved to have had a sister, to play dress up with. Maybe your mother doesn't understand the need for nappies, but maybe the the mothering instinct prevails and a part of her accepts you anyway becaause you are her son. I wish I'd had the courage to tell my mother, I know now she'd have still loved me.

Just given me an idea!!! what too do if my mum caught me in the same situation.Im sure she has a weird fetish i dont know about.I have laready been caught by my older brother when i was sixteen wearing a nappy.He was mad at first but was differant when he calmed down and he has excepted the fact