Lovely Nappies

I love wearing a large terry nappy under lovely plastic pants and just hate taking it off. When I wear at night it is often very wet and heavy in the morning which gets me nicely aroused which inevitably leads to a nice fondle through the heavy wet folds and soft plastic and lovely release of creamy ***. I keep my heavy nappy on for as long as possible wetting it again until it can take no more and my wee wee leaks everywhere. There have been occasions when I have forgotten just how full my nappy is and let goo a flood of wee leading to soaking wet trousers etc. I have done this on the train which can be a bit embarrassing especially if I haven't got another nappy to change into. Sometimes in the car too although not quite so bad as I do keep a spare nappy around for such emergencies and leather seats help as they can be wiped clean easily. So think of me next time you see a car parked at the side of the road it could quite easily be me having a lovely play in my wet nappy and having a change mmmm

Dennap Dennap
51-55, M
Mar 12, 2010