Lisa Loved Being Naked With A Bunch Of Guys

My GF Slutty Lisa had been a dancer in a ***** club and told me how she loved being up on stage totally naked in front of a bunch of guys.

She explained that being on stage naked gave her a feeling of power and control over the men in the audience and made her really horny. See her had the same effect on me.  So I told Lisa she was not allowed to wear any clothes at my house and that meant all the time especially when my male friends were there. Lisa loved the idea! I wish I had some pictures of the look on my buddies faces when they first saw Lisa naked. She was so casual about being naked that you almost forgot it was not normal. 

here are some photos of Slutty Lisa at my house.


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I love the photos of Lisa, but I do not like it when a woman give men the pleasure of seeing them nude they are called slutty. I think they should be call lovely. Just my opinion

I use the word as defined in the book "The Ethical ****" A lot of women no longer use the word "****" as a pejorative. It's used the same way gay guys use the word "******" or black guys who refer to themselves using the "N-word".

Lisa sitting around my place drove most of my buddies to distraction<br />
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You can easily see why she had that effect on guys!

love the photo's and I really love the idea of being clothed aroudn the home while a sexy lady is naked :))