Got Shoes


I love a new pair of shoes! My wife (sep) tells me I am a freak for having so many shoes.  I had about 50 pair there for a while but give some to my sons since they seem to like a few pair I had.  I've always taken excellent care of my shoes, most shoes will last me 3-5 years , and them are the ones I wear regularly!  Shoes that I rarely wear last 3x that.  With a little care even the cheap shoes will last quiet a while using some cleaner and waterproofing..

I'd mention socks but that may be a whole new story


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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

i like shoes too-love buying them even if i dont need them!

Do tell us about the socks and I am curious about the way you fold them. You have just a few shoes in comparison to me. I have bunches and bunches. My father told me if I ever move again he will NOT move my shoes so I am happy in my house now because at least I have my shoes with me. lol