I'm No Coco Channel ...

but I love wearing clothes that make me feel fabulous when I wear them.

Clothes should be well-fitted, well-made and they make me stand a bit straighter and taller. Make me feel sharper as well as acting more confident when I wear them.

Sexy! Classy! Womanly!

And they are not always just dresses or skirts and blouses. I can and do fell this way in jeans and slacks too.

Also for me it is the heels. The absolute perfect pair of heels for me are those that will go with everything. If they are black, taupe, or any other neutral color, in a leather, a suede and especially patent they are my classic go to in order to complete my outfit. My style and feel that is me.

And yes, that is what makes me feel sexy and classy and fabulous!

I'm just Josie!
Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
May 20, 2012