Trashy Interview

My husband has been seeking to fill a sales position with his company. A woman in her 40's came in for an interview with him last week. She arrived wearing a dress with a plunging neckline that revealed her softball stuffed under skin breast. This dress was a halter style and was backless. To make matters worse, the skirt portion of this dress was so short that her butt cheeks were peeking out the bottom. This woman tells him that she wants to make at least $80,000 a year. She was not well qualified for the position, yet she wants that kind of salary. He did not hire her. I wonder why someone would go to an interview dressed like that. Was she hoping to get the position if the man interviewing her saw what he liked and would like to **** her? It seemed a desperate attempt to land a job. How could she expect someone to take her seriously wearing such attire to an interview? Why would she expect that kind of salary if she could not even dress professional? How can you convince clients to spend millions of dollars with you while wearing something most hookers would not wear?

A younger woman came in to interview for the same position. She has some good qualifications, but will require some training. She arrived wearing well tailored black pants, a simple black top that was fitted but not low cut, heels, and a colorful infinity scarf. Her outfit was simple, yet classy, professional, and put together. He hired this nice young lady.

Some people say that it does not matter what you wear. I disagree. How you present yourself tells people a lot about you. The first woman dressed in a way to try to get the job. The second woman dressed as though she already had the job.
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I'd love to meet the first one!

As the group title says - classy and sexy are not mutually exclusive. Smart women understand this!