For me a dress specifically a body con & a great pair of heels has always made me feel like a goddess. The key is to be sexy in a "tasteful" & "subtle" manner nothing too tight or revealing. But crop tops, high waisted shorts, high slits, cut outs & pelvage have become favored by females & go way overboard. Even shorts I find so hard to shop for now as they just get shorter, never a fan of the mini skirt more into pencil skirts to a well fitted jeans lately maxi dresses have become very popular & they can be dressed down or up managing to be sexy & flirty in one. Taking your favorite part of your body & accentuating it is the rule, that's what great about fashion it creates visual interest, illusions & gives definition. The colour black gives off a sexy mysterious vibe, grey sexy yet conservative, navy sexy yet serious, red sexy yet classy & soft pastels are sexy but coy. Agent provocateur is one of my favorite lingerie retailer they have lingerie design's to suit every kind of women's style I can already tell i'll accumulate a lot of their sets. There needs to be balance & picking colours that compliment your skin complexion & wearing your size I can't stress that enough!. To also know what's appropriate for every occasion especially those where you should be conservative because it's important to leave something to the imagination hence Rihanna's see through gown BIG NO NO. My style icon is Kourtney Kardashian her outfits are unpredictable & she shows just enough skin but Dita Von Teese would be my definition of sexy. If you care about your body & the message your sending with it a good first impression is what should be the focus because your appearance & attitude has a big part to do with that but personality overall not showcasing what you have to offer underneath.

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your right ...girls costume sense make then more sexy and hottt....

To be in a pretty dress (or a pretty blouse and skirt) and in high heels is JUST AN AMAZING way to say "I am a girl"

My wife and I are wanting to dress sexy in public and attract others in a flirting manner we love each other very much but want to turn up the volume a little

Great idea! good luck with spicing things up :)