Sweet Erotic Pain

I found this site because i was searching for other girls who also enjoyed nipple pain. I love it more that i should i guess. I know there are clamps out there specifically for nipples but i prefer good old fashioned cloths pins. The tension is about right and the pain is sweet and lovely. It is really painful at first, but then you take deep breaths and the endorphins kick in and you are in sweet subspace. I am very careful how long i leave them on though not to cause damage. But this is usually my precurser to a little diddling and playtime.
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If you want something that is a little more intense, try using binder clips. You can get them at stores like staples or office depot. You can get them in several sizes from about 3/4 of an inch across all the way up to about 3 inches across. The smaller ones are the most intense. If you want a real thrill, pull them off without opening them up!

I'm a guy and decided to try them out myself after seeing pictures of ladies with pins on their nipples. At first it stung like hell, but over a bit and applying them correctly, I found that they cause a burning ache that is really similar to sexual tension. I don't know what it feels like for a woman, they have bigger nipples, I'm curious to hear what others have to say.

I love to ********** while I am wearin clothespins, the climaxes are so intense.

This activity is a basic for the pain/pleasure endorphin surgee that helps in other activities that you are doing before playtime

Are you in self dicipline or just as a precoursor for sexual actitivty with another?