Intense Nipple Play

Been married 25 years I love it when my wife manipulates my nipples during foreplay and during sex. She will rub and twist, suck nicely and bite lightly, then she will bite down harder and harder, almost to the point of drawing blood. I love it! Once she has gone back and forth between biting and pinching with her fingernails to the point that one or both nipples is raw the return to gentle stimulation is mind blowing. Unfortunately for me, she rarely even likes her nipples touched. Why? I wish she would let me stimulate her nipples for a very long time, gently, roughly, at least some way?? Would she allow it, it would be my pleasure to gently lick her *** while softly pulling and twisting her nipples. This would be a great turn-on for me, but for some reason she will not allow it. Are there any women out there who would like their ***** and *** licked for a half hour or more straight, all the while having their nipples stimulated?
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46-50, M
4 Responses Jan 17, 2013

yes so hot add please

Nipple pulling, twisting, tweaking during *********** gets ne to "O" every time in a big way.

Same here! Love my nipples stimulated and my wife is very good at it. Only on rare occasions when she is highly aroused will she let me touch, suck, and lightly bite hers. She generally pushes me away from therm. It would be my pleasure to please her by playing with her nipples for hours, just wish she was interested...

have you ever try nipples pumping ?

Not yet! What equipment do you recommend?

i do