Clothespins And Binder Clips

I love the feeling of clothespins and binder clips on my nipples, harsh, painful, punishing my desires. The pain is so sweet when the pins and clips come off.

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I use binder clips for real punishment. The first ten seconds, properly administered, is truly excruciating.

Have you tried putting one on your ****?

the tighter and the longer the better

Have not graduated to the binder clips yet. How long before you reached that point?

How long would you recommend leaving clothespins or weights on?

For years I thought I was freaky because I love clothespins and binder clips on my nipples. It is the best feeling.

it isnt freaky

pain becomes pleaure

Rotating and releasing the pegs, and exploring all the angles the nipples can be pegged, has given me (and my partner, who is stimulated by my pain/pleasure) an astonishing new experience.

Binder clips on the npples are delicious. Love to twist and pinch them, while clamped, adding to the pleasure/pain aspect. Ever try starting with the clamps horizontal, leaving them on for 15 minutes, then relaeasing them for 60 seconds, then re-applying them turned 90 degrees! It is incredibly painful, and delicious. Have only been able to make it through 2 turns of the clamps. When the clamps are finally released, and you massage the nipples back, oh it is really something!

it is

I love to clamp my nipples when I **********, and release them for that RUSH, just as I ***

The whole point of what you said is "I love it"!<br />
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May all your experiences be acts of love :)

I'm going to dig into the office supplies now and start searching for you. :-D

I just did 2 hours with clothes pins last night - no wonder they were so sensitive after.

The smaller ones ARE evil--that's what makes them so delicious!

Just a note here... I know it's been a while since this thread's been updated, but I'd caution on the use of binder clips as nipple clamps... those clips are exceptionally vicious (especially the smaller ones). I would recommend great care when using them so as not to cause longer term damage to the nipple and it's sensitivity. A rule of thumb with nipple clamps is 1/2 hour, and if you MUST use a binder clip, I would greatly reduce that time. JMHO - I don't want to see anyone get hurt.

I currently have been told to put nipple suckers on my **** for ten minutes each night before bed. After the ten minutes Mistress wants me to replace the nipple suckers (suction cups from a snake bite kit) with clothes pins; I am to leave the clothes pins on until She tells me to remove them. Ah, but I don't know when we are going to talk so I can't do much to reduce the time of the pain; sometimes it may be an hour before we even start to talk. However, I have found for me they do not go numb and they do hurt even more when I remove them.<br />
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I like pinching my nips with my fingers and especially with my fingernails. Pulling, tugging and twisting while pinching, especially with the nails gives a very nice erotic tingle. I can't stop moaning and whimpering.

people often say that your nipples go numb after a while and then hurt again when removed but mine throb the whole time. do others feel the same?<br />

My wife loved to have her nipples bitten & stretched ---bit HARD --stretched till I thought they would snap off--- she really loved it.

I LOVE how incredibly sensitive my nipples are when I remove them...and don't you just love how it feels when you push the clothespins deeper and open and close them to feel like you are being sucked hard and chewed on? <br />
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Sometimes I do the same with my ****...feels awesome! Great foreplay.....

I had a long-term, long-distance relationship with a beautiful **** pig subbie girl, who would sob wonderfully as I had her place those clips on her nipples, tender breast flesh, and labia.<br />
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I loved hearing them snap closed as she held the phone down and yanked them off for me.

Not only clothespins ... nipple dingles, rings, clamps, weights and other nipple jewelery . Whatever can make nipples hard. Nipples vacuum pumps are great too.

Oh yea.....when the pressure is releaed....and the blood and the feeling surges back into the nipple......whew!! Never used clips but the GF pinches my nipples a lot during sex.