On A Wet Heavy Raining Night In October 2007

I love rain especially heavy rain during the night. It makes the night looks mysterious. I once read from a book that says Heaven will grant you your wishes if you make a wish when rain falls. It says the skies of Heaven will opens up and listen to all your wishes. But i find it silly of course as none of my wishes came true each time it rains. 3 years ago on a wet cold October night, I cycled in the heavy rain on my mate's trusty bike to send some home made cookies for this particular woman whom i once loved. I thought that she will feel touched by me cycling in a heavy rain just to sent her cookies. I had did many errands for her, But sadly she dont give a damn to it. I was drenched wet and in bitter cold. She did not apreciates it and she has never appreciates all the silly things that i used to did for her. And in fact now she has forgotten about all the tiring errands that i used to do for her. She has already forgotten about me and she has never finds me again. And now all the things that i once did for her are just in vain in the end and that  wet lonely cold October night was a witness to it.

yazed yazed
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

I have been learning that it isn't us Guys that all of our giving is to attract a women, isn't what attracts women. It's just being who we are. No need to give things to a women. It's what you are interested in. And if a women isn't interested in what you are interested in. Then that woman isn't the right women for us. I'm going with that right now in my life. I know I haven't found such a women. But I live now in my fantasies. It's that now that I am almost satisfied with now.