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Topless Waitress

My wife has been a topless waitrees for my poker buddies and I. It was a great night!!
She wants to do it again with less clothes.
scottc scottc 36-40, M 9 Responses Sep 15, 2012

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works for me

That sounds amazing! I would love for mine to do that!

Why not!!?? It is wgrfeat to have a wife who attracts males to her body! My wife does the same!
Totally nude waitressing is even better!

Just wondering - is it a poker night, or a poke her night??? Or maybe a suckle her night???

cards but i wouldnt mind a polk her night

I love poker, can I ***?

One of my most frequent and hottest ************ fantasies is the cmnf scenarios and if it invovled your sexy wife I would try and have cmnf as often as possible! But I bet she looks pretty good in certain clothes too doesn't she??

i m working on another topless poker night shes willing its just getting all the guys together

You mean getting them all together in just ONE line that goes around the block right? Lol! I mean I think I could get rich just auctioning off seats at that poker fact you guys go ahead and play cards while I try playing with our serving staff, lol! Seems like you'd have to beat guys off with both hands who want to play at your house..

you would think so .but sadly thats not the case

Well if you need someone to play cards with or ever need another audience to watch your gorgeous, fuckable wife practice her pole dancing foreplay I live in portland, oregon usa 97210...don't I sound a little bit over eager though? Lol...

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Very playful wife

your wife is so ******* sexy, man I want to come over for pok her night.. thanks for adding as friend.

hot that would be a dream come true..good luck

Nice, I am ready for some poker