Watching Pee

when i was in korea in the 70's  i went to a bar off base to party. after a few hours of drinking i need to go to the bathroom. all there was were co-ed bathrooms if you want to call it that. it was an 4ft x 8ft room with 2 holes in the floor, 1 on each end of the room. no toilet, you either stood and aimed at the hole or for women you squatted over it, if you had to take a dump, you also squatted over it. well i had to take a dump so i was squatting, and of course you were looking at the other end of the room at the person using the other hole.  so there i was squatting over the hole and in come a girl about 20 y/o adn she nods at me and goes over to the other hole and squats and starts to pee, she smiles at me as i watch. i had a clear view of her ***** an got to enjoy the view. of course she could see everything i was doing includling getting hard watching her pee.from that night  everytime i was in the bars i would keep an eye on the bathrooms and when i would see a girl go in i would make my way there also.  it was such great fun.

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That's pretty hot. Did she get turned on watching you hard while you were doing what you were doing?

Sounds kind of cute :3 I just hope the feeling was semi-mutual in there! That sounds like a nice experience to me! :)

Cool. did u 2 hook up??