Even though I love George, I also like Richard Syrett and George Knapp. The other night I performed a nearly impossible feat -- I called the show and actually got through! But they put me on hold for a long time and my wife buggin' me to come to bed, so I hadda give up! Too bad. So . . . here for your wondering eyes to behold are the topics I was going to discuss with Richard:

Ancient Civilizations: there are plenty of theories that aliens may have visited humankind in ancient times. Although I tend to consider these theories, I am not certain they can account for feats of ancient engineering that modern "advanced" technology cannot explain (pyramids, stonehenge, etc.). I think it is possible that humankind's residence on this Earth may extend much farther back into the past than mainstream science generally acknowledges. If an advanced civilization did exist sometime prior to the flood or the ice age, where did it go? Here's something to think about. Recently, the History Channel reported that some geologists have determined that there are large deposits of radioactive aluminum underground around the globe. These deposits may be causing the Earth's core to loose rotation. If the core's rotation slows, the magnetic field will weaken, allowing the solar wind to slowly cook the planet. These geologists are advocating detonating multiple EMP's to negate the radioactivity of these deposits. Problem is, EMP's will knock out electronics-based technology, which is to say, everything our modern society currently depends upon. Could it be possible that our ancient ancestors came to the same conclusion: save their lives and the planet, but in doing so destroy their advanced technology and return to a stone age?

Legalization of Narcotics: Several callers-in to the show spoke about legalizing narcotics, something I, as an abstainer, nevertheless agree with from a free market point-of-view. Richard brought up in counterpoint the question of who would distribute hard drugs, for instance, heroin, if such drugs were legalized? Unfortunately, Richard was missing one important point: if these substances were legalized, they would be available in much more "tame" formats. Compare to alcohol, another substance that was once prohibited: most drinkers don't start their Saturday night by swilling moonshine or Everclear, they have a few beers or a glass of wine.

Donald Trump: won't touch this one, other than to say that if he gets elected, I might just consider joining Richard in Toronto for a few years
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I often listen to the replays the next day on youtube. GN is okay but I like Richard Syrett better. He asks better questions and seems to have more energy than GN. I hope he replaces George one day. I like the show well enough, it covers a lot of alternative news and views that you don't hear from mainstream media.

The show is not perfect but there is nothing out there that comes close to it. Art Bell was pretty good with Midnight in the Desert but he suddenly quit about a month ago......again.