The Real Thing-

On a hot day, almost nothing is better than drinking a can of Coca-Cola, it hits you with a slight burn (not for the weak-stomach) and tickles down your throat mmm. It makes me think of sexy men without shirts, working with their hands...I know it's the Diet Coke commercials.


ShadowofDoubt ShadowofDoubt
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13 Responses Jul 30, 2009

really 5 years?? oh my goodness, how is that possible?!!! i mean it's

I have not had a soda in 5 years but used to LOVEEEEE Coca-Cola with ice and every now n then, a lemon wedge. It really was delish...

i'm making me thirsty......mmmm cola......grab one, kick back & mess around on ep.....

romantic, more like sexy dreams...actually delete the y and just go with the 3 letter word

they do indeed, they r french dontcha know

kiss it...well they're gagging over there, so i think they can smell it and taste it bleh!

melted huh...more like runny<br />
that can in no way be mistaken for kisses

(muffling) oh lord it sure can...(points to it) u cannot call that pudding...

survival of the fittest rule #1: bring hairspray

indeed and hairspray 2 boot<br />
hold on, let me get the air freshener & a gas mask

(sticks finger in air) no wind...unless u just passed some hehe

only as a kite

no sniffing...licking yes