Kathieredart And The Coconut Affair....

   Now for those who did not know....Our heroine, Ms. Redart, has been having an affair with coconut for sometime now.  She's kept it on the down low for a while....but now the secret is out.   She let it slip one fateful day, that she cannot control herself whenever said coconut is around.  To be sure...the lure of the luscious sweetness of it, is more than many can stand to bear...and she has fallen victim, like so many others, to it's creamy white goodness.  Since I, myself am a victim as well...I can only share with her my amazing find! 
   We spoke of it only once...for I could not quite remember the name of those beautiful round confections.  The ones you could pop into your mouth at any given time for a sheer taste of Heaven!  However, on searching for that bar she wanted me try, I found them again.  I could hardly believe my eyes when I spotted them, but there they were!  Sitting on that shelf...waiting for me...almost begging to be taken home with me!
   I grabbed that box so hard I almost crushed it...I wanted to devour the contents right there, but no...no, no...I settled myself down and remembered the task at hand.  I needed to be able to read the box, so I might share with my friend what these lovely creations were.  After all... she is the one I was trying to find these for.  So she could continue on in her great love....
   For you....Dearest Ms. Redart....The balls dreams are made of....the ultimate almond coconut treat! 
  Confetteria  Raffaello, by Ferrero
A premium specialty...all without chocolate.  An almond surrounded by a fine milk cream, then covered with a crisp, delicate wafer and sprinkled with tender shredded coconut.  Enjoy! 
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Ok Koo Koo coconut crazed buddy..... These are good! Dreyer 's all natural creamy coconut, made with real fruit....fruit bars. 120 cals per each. They're ALMOST health food....natural ( we don't care about that) real fruit....( we only care about THAT cause it happens to be COCONUT)<br />
Well, I say....what's a little SUGAR and CORN SYRUP.... The health of the coconut outweighs the bad....don't cha think.? They are good, Weekster. Coconut rocks! Oxo....Kath

Sugar is only 16 calories per teaspoon. Coconut is good for you and so is fruit. It's also VERY hot outside right now. You burn about 70 calories per hour just sitting down, if you move a little...plus the added heat. O calories. FREE FOOD!!!!! :)

While I'm on EP .... Just k ow I'm doing leg lifts, crunches ( only between pm's ) ( my 'n' still sticks, I see) and I lift the cat up above my head....1 and down. 2 and down....do it with me Weekie....don't forget to breathe!

LOL <br />
<br />
I had no idea

Oh it's bad. She's got it real, real bad! ;)

When out on errands this morning, I passed a cafe that makes homemade coconut syrup for their pancakes.....( coming to the gem state soon? ) I thought MOM would like a pancake breakfast to go.... ( big fat lie, from a soon to be big, fat girl ) really, it was all about my poor mom's happiness! ( she's just lucky I ordered breakfast for her too )

Hey! I missed this one! Coconut syrup?!?! *licks lips* They can really DO that? :)

They have soooo many homemade syrups..... Pnut butter, lemon, mocha, white chocolate.....and the best French toast EVER....EVER!

In a moment of weakness, or Weekness.....during a grocery shopping trip, I showed no discipline, and guess what I'm looking at? I'm having a vision, but it's real! Before me sits a box of RAFFAELLO almond coconut treats! I am so weak! And right beside them...a Lindt excellence white coconut bar....for good measure. Yup....I'm gonna look so hot at my reunion..(opens box)

I'm still trying to turn those into a negative food!

We have always been honest with each other. I can't get something off my mind. And who are we kidding? Try as we might, all this is just a substitute for the treat we miss the most, and now is just a beautiful memory dangling, teasing, haunting. Speaking from a pittifull place of lack, by now you know I am remembering those fragile yet hardy two packs....of course I speak longingly of Schweddy balls......

Nothing better on a HOT day! ;) He he he! *licks lips*

Mmmmmmmm.......I see I have missed a thing or two. Last I was around ms redart had a thing with biceps...but alas I come back and its been blown out of proportion...arms and oven mitts are one thing. But COCONUT...really, a coconut affair! Wow! Lol

Whoa yeah....You shoulda heard the confession!

I still admire Lucky's biceps! I wish like ANYTHING that charmer would have been along when I was lifting all those heavy bags of soil at the garden shop....
Smiley, it's not too late for YOU to get on the coconut bandwagon!

Others may talk smack, others choose sexy talk. Although we share many, many laughs ..... Our AFFAIR is different than other fetishes , etc. we dream in coconut! MUWAH ...right on the lips!

MUWAH...back you babydoll! ;)