Nude Hot Tubbing

It seems like it was always me that initiated being nude in the hot tub. One time my cousin had invited our family and a lot of friends over for a pool party. We BBQ d burgers, swam in the swimming pool and had a good time. Gradually people started going home. By the time it started getting a little to chilly to swim there was only about 8 of us left. My cousin suggested that we move to the hot tub instead. Everyone else agreed but I declined. I explained that I hated wearing a swimsuit in a hot tub. My cousin's husband said that the only time they wore anything in the hot tub was when they had visitors. My cousin asked everyone if they would object to me being nude in the hot tub with them. One of the other ladies said that if I was careful getting into the tub they wouldn't have to see anything because the bubbles would hide me in the tub. Another lady, my date, said she wouldn't mind, and the 4th lady said she would turn her back to be sure i didn't accidentally show my privates. The guys all said it didn't matter and one of them suggested that we all be naked. The lady that turned her back said if that was going to happen we should wait until her and her husband left. My cousin told me to keep myself covered. I wrapped a towel around my waist and then pulled my swimsuit off under it. i kept the swimsuit around me until it lifted as i sat down in the tub, then i threw it out.
We drank a couple bottles of wine as we soaked and all were feeling mellow. My cousin;s husband took his trunks off underwater and threw them out of the tub. We ex[expected the lady that had turned her back to object but she apologized for being prudish. She said that it wasn't her place to set everyone elses level of comfort. Her husband immediately took his suit off and soon everyone but her was naked in the tub. She volunteered to go into the house to get another bottle of wine so no one else would have to expose themselves. After two more bottles of wine we realized that the temperature was pretty cold. My cousin said she would go turn up the heat in the game room so we could have a warm place to dry off. Everyone watched as she got out of the tub with no attempt at modesty, grabbed a towel, and ran into the house. A few minutes later she came back out, with just a towel around her waist, and said it was warm enough to go inside now. We all got out at the same time and grabbed towels as we ran into the house naked. The prudish lady, still wearing a modest two piece swimsuit, was the last one in and she was laughing. She said that she had stalled thinking she wouldn't have to see us all naked. She should have gone first because now she had see all of all of us. She smiled and added, "You know what? It really isn't shocking to see people naked". She took her swim suit off and started drying her body. Our host was the first one dry and he offered to get us all some brandy to warm us up. He wrapped a towel around his waist but it fell off. He looked at the :"formerly" prude to apologize and she told him to leave it off. We all stayed naked.
One of the ladies asked my date about my uncut ****. My date pulled my 4skin back to show that it could look just like the other guys. that led to a comparison of ***** and all of us guys got hard. But that was the only thing sexual that happend that evening. As I was leaving later that evening my cousin said she was going to invite me to all of her hot tub parties so I could initiate everyone being naked Events like that have happened a few times since then at other hot tubs.
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Apr 18, 2011