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First Time

It's time I share my first experience co-ed hot tubbing with people other than my husband. Last fall some friends from the C/O resort I go to, decided to start a co-ed hot tub group since the weather was getting cold. I thought this would be a lot of fun. I was ok with being naked since I had been sunbathing naked at the resort last summer. It turned out that the owner (woman) and I were the only females. I felt a little awkward, but excited too. I couldn't help but enjoy the attention of the four males. I was friendly to them all, but didn't give any signals that I wanted anything more than friendship. We enjoyed chatting and had a great lunch together.
cheryl56 cheryl56 56-60, F 29 Responses May 15, 2011

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We have a "No Swimsuits Allowed" sign posted next to our hot tub and it is strictly enforced. Most have complied and joined in, but a few have declined and just sat and watched.

When I was married, my wife and I used to go hot tubbing at our neighbors house. I asked, "aren't you supposed to do this nude?" They all replied, "I guess so". After that we all enjoyed it in the nude. Fun

It's a lot better going naked in a hot tub. It's so hard to wear a swimming suit when we go to motels or clothed beaches.

I hate cold damp swim suits when you get out of the water.

Same here!

Good Girl but would have been one of the men for me? Gotta be honest but would never take advantage of a lady!

I know they kept their distance since I didn't give any signs of encouragement. They respected my boundaries. I made them clear in a friendly way.

I have also been naked hot tubbing without my spouse, and I was also outnumbered, two women to one me. But we got into massaging each other. It was non sexual, but also very sensual. I think it was the pomegranate margaritas.

It seems like it is the right place to give/receive massages. The warmth of the hot tub is conducive to relaxation. A massage logically is the next step to ease tension and sore muscles.

It was an amazing experience I will never forget. It's wonderful to be naked in warm water and to have two lovely naked women massaging you at the same time. One was even praying or prophesying in my ear at times. We were careful to avoid the genitals and breasts so we didn't get carried away in public.

I envy those who have the privilege of a massage by you.

You are so kind, HStoner!

I once attended a clothing optional hot springs in California. They had a number of outdoor pools and I was enjoying a soak alone in one of them, when suddenly 6 nude women joined me in the same pool. They were there on a women's weekend together. I politely said hello, and then briefly closed my eyes sending a prayer of thanks to the heavens for my good fortune. They stayed and chatted for a bit, and then left one by one. Nothing happened further. It was a delightful experience I will never forget.

That is nice you had that experience.

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Everyone loves those moments that are fun and a little exciting. Especially when you do something new. Sounds like everyone had a great time!

I attend a C/O resort as a single male. I have noticed that women are reluctant to be out numbered by men unless there significant other is there also. Then the ratio does not matter so much. I have, however, never seen a female "hit on" at my resort. Everyone there just knows that that type of behavior will them escorted to the front gate with haste. That being said, I can understand the reluctance to be a female in the minority. I guess that that is why most resorts have a quota on single males. It only takes one rotten apple to spoil the entire bushel. It is too bad because C/O resorts are made up of such friendly people and have such a relaxing atmosphere.

The only reason I went to the C/O resort by myself is because my husband didn't want to go. I had gone there during the previous summer and felt safe there. Since that experience, my husband and I have gone to a C/O resort several times in Oregon. We have been treated with respect and there is no overt sexuality toward me. There are single males, couples, and families. We feel totally comfortable and know we're among wonderful people. Thank you for your comments.

I love it to . I like knowing that women other than my wife are looking at my ****

Wife & I enjoyed coed naked hot tubbing in a couple of resorts in Jamaica & it was the best!!

Love your stories! Please add me.

I'm from Seattle - have wondered about Arcadia, some desc<x>riptions made it sound kind of sleazy. We've been to Lake Associates, Lake Bronson, Fraternity Snoqualmie, and most of the hot springs in this area, as well as several in Oregon in years past.

Arcadia is a lovely place. It is an adult- only resort known as a "romantic getaway". It isn't sleazy. There are some weekends that are set aside for couples only. There is more sexual freedom on those weekends. During the week is more for nudists/naturists that want to swim, socialize, enjoy the hot tub, and the beautiful quiet atmosphere. The opposite weekends are open to anyone. I haven't been to other C/O clubs in WA, but have been to Mountaindale in Oregon, Sauvie Island, and Rooster Rock Park. Where are the hot springs? I want to go, but am unfamiliar with their location.

Thanks for the reply. Have been to Baker, Olympic, Kennedy, Scenic hot springs in WA &amp; Cougar, Umpqua, Breitenbush resort, and Bagby in OR. Just do a search for WA Hot Springs...

Just noticed you're from Oly area... I am near SeaTac...

We're not too far from each other. What hot springs have you been to in the Olympics? Solduc?

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Tubbing is great in the winter. Swimming is fun now! Have some nude swims. Just asked a couple if they wanted to do a nakie swim and have a few drinks. Only met them last year. They said they would think about it. Better than a NO. Keep on enjoying the natural way!

Good story ! Brave woman, and good to be that way. Thanx for sharing.

Sounds like fun :) <br />
I would like to try that, but I would feel weird doing it without my wife, and she is not at all interested. Perhaps she would let me if I were blindfolded ... lol ... she does not like it when I look at other women even if they are fully clothed. <br />
<br />
Just curious ... no judgement at all ... but how would you have felt it it were your husband in a hot tub with three other guys and two women you did not know? My wife would have a cow and insisted that we leave the premises immediately.

My husband and I have been in a hot tub and swimming pool totally naked at at C/O resort. I had no problem with him being in this setting without me when I went back to our cabin. The people were very friendly and it was non-sexual. People enjoyed visiting and getting to know each other.

Right. The atmosphere is rarely sexual. My wife is real hesitant about being nude and usually won't, but she is fine with me partaking. She does plenty of other stuff in mixed groups without me; no big deal. My first wife and I had a pretty open marriage, so it obviously was never a problem for us. If anything happened, great, but it rarely did, at least not as a result of a hot tub encounter.

HS. Thanks for answering the question. That was a concern for my husband the first time he went naked socially, but he didn't have a problem. It was a very non-sexual environment although everyone was naked.

You might be surprised, but that doesn't happen very often in social nude settings, at least that I've participated in, unless someone gets overtly sexual.

It sounds like a great time. A lady does need to make sure she knows what is going on. If you don't know them very well, I would think you would have second thouthts.

I am very careful. The hot tub was at a trusted local C/O resort where I had gone several times before. I already knew a few men and the owner of the resort and the groundskeeper were there. I knew it was safe. I would never do anything to jeopardize my safety.

It is fun. I started sunbathing nude by myself in my backyard and now have progressed to social nudity. It's great to get to know other people who enjoy going 'au naturel'.

Sounds like a great time, wish I lived closer...would definitely like to go to a place like that

It's a lovely place, but I haven't been to the resort since before Christmas.

It sounds both relaxing and a turn on at the same time. Keep doing it. It is ez to tell you really like being nude with others. JesJames

Yeah, it's great! We have a group of us that try to meet once a month/2 months. We have a good time. We just need more people to participate.

cheryl56,<br />
<br />
That is wonderful!!! I am glad you had such a good time. What a great idea for a club.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

HStoner. Thanks for your support of the idea. I know it would be daunting and impractical to get together since there is such a distance between EP friends. Just a fun thought!

The EP hot tub party is a great idea. The logistics would be daunting, unfortunately.

sounds like an awesome time...

I totally enjoyed it and didn't even think of it as sexual at all. Thanks everyone for commenting. I wish I could have a hot tub party with my EP friends. It would be so fun!

If you ever do, your hot tub will be overflowing with friends.

You are a better person than I am! I am wired a little different and would have at least wandering sexual thoughts if naked in a hot tub with a member of the opposite sex :-)

That would be fun to be naked, have a cold drink (or ice water), and have a good conversation in the hot tub.

I'm not saying there weren't wandering thoughts, just kept them in check.

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Just to be in the hottub with friends is lots of fun. Not enough of that these days

Thanks for your comments. It was a lot of fun. I've enjoyed a few more times hot tubbing at Arcadia this past winter.

Very nice Cher! Getting nude with others is always great!

This is a wonderful story!

Something strangely exciting about being there and revealing it and knowing you are being desired and wanting it yet not giving in ;-) enjoyed reading your story cheers