Cavers Hot Tub

A few years ago I used to belong to a caving association. Every year the group would have a rendezvous at a national park. During the day we would cave, repel or do some climbing. At night however, we used to set up a sweat lodge and a huge portable hot tub with a wood burning stove. It's hard to imagine several hundred naked men and women running around at night hot tubbing or sitting naked in a sauna. Of course there were lots of gals sitting on guys laps in the tub in order to fit about 25 people into the thing. In the sweat lodge, we were shoulder to shoulder. Lots of skin contact for all to enjoy. By the next morning everything was always back to normal. Half the time you couldn't even tell who you had sex with the night before.
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Happens every year. You should join a grotto near you.

Cool! Or Hot!