Coffee Is The Business!

The first real job I had was busting tables and refilling coffee at this old diner. I met the most colorful people pouring them a cup of joe. They would all tell me how they were doing in the most standard of forms. "Oh I'm good dear", "Ugh, fine now", "good and you?"...  and after I'd genuinely tell them how I was they'd go into telling me some little story or detail about their day. That tiny job led me into educating myself about coffee. I took 3 day training courses on how to make the perfect cup of coffee and how to pull the perfect shot of espresso. Just to hand over a cup of coffee made by myself to someone on their way to work or just wanting to sit and enjoy the day was fulfilling to me. Sad? Nah... simplistic... yes. I met my husband at a coffee shop job. We sat together drinking tailor made drinks and smoking cigarettes discussing our interests and dislikes. Laughing and watching the passing people.
 So... needless to say it is an addiction. I pour my cup of coffee every morning and sit outside and appreciate the little things. I sip my hot goodness everyday and it never lets me down. I salute you coffee.
triphop67 triphop67
26-30, F
Jul 10, 2010