Morning Java

I first started drinking coffee while I was in high school and I had to get up early for a "zero" period ap class (before the normal school day). I needed the caffeine to wake up enough to drive to school in the morning. After I joined the Marine Corps I began drinking coffee on a regular basis to stay awake for long missions or to get up for unnaturally early formations.

I belonged to a coffee club back then and I would get flavored coffees sent to me, on days that we we're in garrison I started to get a regular crowd of fellow Marine coffee addicts in my office just about every morning. We would go through the days message traffic, discuss current events in the world and the Corps (our world) and a very real sense of camaraderie developed between us.

Once I reentered civilian life I discovered the joy of going to a coffee shop with a good book and sitting there reading while sipping a nice cup of joe; meeting people, discussing politics or religion, making new friends, all while enjoying hot, sweet coffee.

I re-joined the military and this past year I was in Iraq at a small, outlying FOB. Conditions were spartan but we had regular mail service so I signed up with another coffee club and had a (well used) coffee maker in my tent. Pretty soon there were a few other guys showing up in my area most days with their empty cups, we'd drink coffee and chat about the things going on in our little corner of the war.

For me, coffee drinking has always been a social experience. I've met some great friends and had some wonderful discussions with people over cups of coffee. That's why I love coffee so much, there are so many great memories that I associate with drinking it and sharing it.
FreeThinkerJames FreeThinkerJames
31-35, M
Jul 19, 2010