The Best Cup I've Ever Had.....

I worked as a cook on ocean going vessels for most of the last 20 years. On September 8th, 2001 we pulled in at a dock in West Seattle. Everyone but me got off the boat, to fly to a mandatory company training seminar. Since I had already attended the seminar earlier in the year, I was left behind to stand boat watch. The boat watch was only supposed to be a 4 day gig, but due to religious fanatics flying into the World Trade Center, i was stuck on the boat for almost 2 weeks. 
When the flight ban was lifted, I was sent to Boeing field in Seattle to catch the company carter home. I got there, and had a cup of coffee from a large coffee pot. All I can tell you is that the coffee pot had a Seattles Best Coffee logo in the top. The flavor of that cup of coffee was unreal. It was the richest, smoothest cup of coffee I have ever had! To this day I have NEVER had a cup of coffee that good! I dont even have words to describe the taste.
Since then, I have tried every brand of coffee that SBC makes, but have not been able to find that coffee. 
nine4dnine nine4dnine
41-45, M
Jul 28, 2010