Can't Wait to Try It!

I was driving past a local gas station the other night & their sign was advertising "shockwave energy coffee"!  I wanted to stop right then & there. 

I wonder if it's a brand name of something that comes in a can...if that's the case I'd be disappointed.  I'm hoping it will be something they brew.

darlene darlene
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16 Responses Jan 1, 2008

Coffee is yummy, but too much coffee can make you addicted to it like how i did i drunk ALOT of it every single hour then i was shaking alot so i went to the doctor and he gave me a painful injection :( well anyway you CAN drink it, BUT not alot just like once a day and by the way it's better than drugs, cuz it can make you relax, but not addicted to it so fast and coffee is more tasty lol :p

Yes it was mud..well I had to join darlene and give it a go...effin nasty. :~(

I admit the Rockstar chilled coffee drinks are pretty good. You can actually taste some of the coffee in it, and it's not horribly sickly-sweet like so many of those sort of drinks are.

I never tried the energy drinks. Was always afraid they would tast like crap. I would rather save room for the coffee. Monkeydaddy's drink sounds mighty good!

Have you ever tried any of the energy drinks? Like Monster. I love my coffee too in colder months but it don't do much for me anymore. In the summer I switch to cold drinks after my routine cup of coffee in the morning.

Ok, Quad, I deserve it. I couldn't even finish the whole thing. Had to throw it out, that is almost unheard of for me to throw out coffee!

So you tried that Shockwave anyway. No complaining because you're going to get hit with the "I Told You So" bat.<br />
So there. ;P

Yeah, baby!

I love strong, dark coffee! And just an update, I tried that shockwave energy coffee & it sucked!

strong coffee is better than weak -- more acid in strong helps do digest food -- plus make you into a motor mouth

Now why would you add more water to espresso?

Ok, guys are changing my mind about wanting to try it! I already like Americano's --expresso shots with hot water. Usually 4 to 5 shots is good.

Thanks...sometimes I need a reality check! But, I'm still going to go in and check out that coffee. If I puke, oh well.

Sometimes reality must intrude.

Oh, you popped my bubble!

I tried some 7-Eleven "energy coffee." It was some of the most ******* vile liquid I've ever drank.<br />
The whole idea just sounds ridiculous no matter who makes it.