The Magic Of Coffee

Have you ever noticed how coffee just seems to work it's magic in a lot of different situations? It helps us wake up in the morning, smells heavenly, soothes the soul when it brings friends & family together in quiet but sometimes cheerful conversations.
My personal favorite is how it brings two friends together. I make time for coffee breaks with friends. We meet at our favorite coffee shop or some place convenient to both of us. Many problems have been worked out over a cup of coffee. Most of the time with my friends the conversations last a couple of hours so naturally more than one cup is consumed. I believe the real magic in coffee is not the caffeine but how it's used to bring two friends together so we can be there for one another through our hurts or our celebrations. It is so easy to say, "Hey lets meet for coffee!" Just not quite the same as saying, "Hey let's meet for orange juice!" :-D
As I write this I'm having a cup of coffee....!
CuriousAngelina CuriousAngelina 46-50, F 9 Responses Jan 11, 2011

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The morning isn't complete without until I start sipping my first cup of freshly ground coffee!

The caffeine in coffee as well as its natural ingredients keeps people alert but if you talk about asking someone out for some juice, you guys could sleep over yr outing....haahha

Excellent thought here! I never looked at it from the prospective of how an everyday beverage can bring joy & happiness between two people!

I think it's the safer choice for social drinking too, djk007

Very true, the best way to spend time with some one is coffee..!<br />
Its a trademark whenver any relatives come..

Thanks afaintreflection...I am flattered :-)

I don't really know you... And all I have read from you is this story and I am already wondering if your married? Ha ha! Love it. If you love coffee this much I bet you would love to know what I do for a living!!!

Yes, JoyceAnne I think I'll suggest it sometime to one of my friends to see if they even catch it! I'll have to let you know. I doubt that I can ask without laughing out loud though!

That is so funny. We should all try suggesting this to a friend just to see their reaction! Singles could ask potential dates out this ... "I would love to go somewhere and talk over some orange juice." Thanks for the chuckle.