Nice A$$ + Makes Great Coffee = Now If He Is Just Worth a Damn In the Sack... I'll Have It Made!!!

I had just been transferred from my job to a new position in the company.  I had seen this man a few times before...

"AIYE, AIYE, AIYE... Ma-mi like-y.  Gots to get me some of that....   UH-HMMMMM.  Just what the doctor ordered..."  I whispered to my friend when I first laid eyes on him.    "SSHHHH!   He'll hear you!"  she whispered back...    (AH the memories...)

So now was my first day ACTUALLY THERE!  I was in my office and he had been bumping in and out all day long because the copy machine and the coffee pot was in there.  It was about 4:00 in the afternoon.  We had to work til 6:00.  He starts messing around with the empty coffee pot.  With his back to me... "God he's got an adorable ***"  I was thinking.  I had to make myself quit looking...  I was afraid the other lady who was leaving would notice or that he would "feel my eyes all over him..."  (I actually was sort of hoping for that one to happen...) 

"What are you doing?"  I queried playfully.  I actually had been wanting some more, but it was so late in the day... 

 "I'm gonna make some coffee."  (I was amazed that someone else was as bad as I was.) 

 "Are you gonna make a WHOLE pot?"  I asked. 

 "Uh, YEAH...  Is that alright???"  I almost laughed out loud. 

 "Honey,  that is MORE than alright... You and I are gonna get along  JUST FINE!"      I got the most adorable sideways grin when he was done.  

AND to top it off.  It tasted as good as mine!!!  OMG.  I was in love from the first sip.  I remember thinking that the only way that cup of coffee could have been any better would be if I was drinking it at his place the morning after...

(it was not long before I got that cup of coffee from him!  I was right.  It was FU#*ING awesome!   Are we still talking about coffee???)


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2 Responses Feb 27, 2007

Oh Goddess... you've scored well Lady! :)

Oh for CUTE! Love your entry! :)