I sit here on Sunday morning, sipping my first cup of coffee. Ah, my senses are coming alive.

The first taste that hits my tongue, sends a tingling through my body, it sets my brain humming.

The smooth bitter taste that tantalizes my tongue and teases my senses.

Stong, sensual, bold.

Ah, I am coming alive ...

Have you had your coffee today?
moondancelady moondancelady
51-55, F
4 Responses Mar 4, 2012

Mmm, sitting here enjoying my morning coffee - ground the beans fresh, as always. Loved your story!

One of those joys of life sitting on the back deck watching to sun rise and sipping a good cup of coffee. Can’t do it all the time but when I can make it special.

Having my coffee right now :)

I'm just about to brew mine; can't wait! Great way to start a day, no matter what lies ahead. Cheers to you!