Ethiopian Coffee

There are hundreds of coffee types and hundreds of ways of processing this divine beverage. The Growing, processing, roasting, brewing and even sipping coffee is an art that only those who are touched by its spell can understand. I made a vow to sip this dark nectar till my last breath.  To tell you frankly, I don't drink by volume. The maximum fix for me is two cups of espresso a day- one in the morning and one in late afternoon. Not any kind of coffee though, I am religiously committed to buy only Ethiopian coffee- Sidamo or Djimma or Yirgacheffe or Harar for their very low acidity and naturally fruity flavor. I usually buy the green beans myself and roast them to my liking. I don't roast it too dark but sort of dark brown just before the oil (that is the caffeine) is released. I grind it fine and brew it with the Italian made (Kimbo) one-cup espresso maker right on my electric stove. 


I am updating this post after a very long time. If I don't have something of worth  to say, what is the point of saying anything at all- so I reasoned. I guess finally I have something to add now. Recently a new coffee house has been opened in London, Ontario. What is unique about this new place is not just its perfect coffee house atmosphere with light music, comfortable seats, wireless internet access, free parking, yummy pastries, ...the coffee they roast is exactly what I needed for my daily fix. They named it "Panafric Coffee House" because they are dedicated to roast only African premium coffees. They carry all the seven varieties of Ethiopian coffees (I didn't know Ethiopia has all those varieties) and other East African premium coffees such as Kenyan AA, Tanzanian pea berry, etc. Even better, their coffees are all organic and Fair Trade where the coffee producers of Africa are paid better price for their produce. That is almost a God sent for me as I have said earlier that I settled to drink only Ethiopian coffees. Now I don't need to roast it myself as they do it for me more efficiently. Everyday on my way to work and on my way back I pick Harar, or Yirgacheffe, or Sidamo. Thank you Panafric... you rock!

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I can only look at the swill I am forced to drink and dream of better days.

New varieties of coffee for me to try. So little time!!! Between books and coffee ... life is abundant and good.

Where are you able to get the beans 'green'.? I would love to try that. I saw a program, exhibit, live, that showed how to roast them over an open fire in this thing that looked almost like a wok. fascinating. And do you roast to the second 'pop'? <br />
How cool is that :D

I love coffee, have to grind my own. My husband and I spend about thirty dollars a week to have two freshly ground pots of coffee a day. It is an obsession. I also love Ethiopian coffee. When we lived in New England we used to go to a little out of the way coffee shop that had the best Ethiopian Longberry. It is the golden nectar of the Gods. It is 10:24 pm and I sit here tonight sipping Ethiopian Sidamo it's divine. Sleep! Who needs sleep! LOL! To many coffees to little time!

This is great news. I am a Yergacheffe drinker myself, but I was unaware of all the other Ethiopian varieties! I had forgotten about Harrar and will be trying to track some of that down for old-time sake. Thanks for the tip!

I really feel the day starts with a nice cuppa coffee, I've languished over many variaties savoring the many facets of this shiney brown bean.<br />
Java opens many doors of opportunities to each wonderful day as well as giving you that extra kick to help you conquer all of lifes challenges.<br />
I know thier're many varietys I have yet to try but one of my favs is Haraar.<br />
A lot of poetry and visual art has been created under the spell of this dark skinned goddess.<br />
Some pretty good stuff comes from Ma Nature and coffee is one of her better treasures.<br />
Grind those beans up fine and brew it tenderly, now pour it in a cup and inhale the aroma, notice the fragrant and marvelous oils, the bitter/sweet taste on your tongue, the hot startelling flavor of the liquid ambrosia.<br />
Bye, enjoy.

I kneel at your feet, master.

I like to refer to a cup of coffee as a cup of JESUS