I'm In Love With My Barista...

ok, so it's official. while i do not have any reason behind this, i have decided that besides being a corporate coffee b*tch- i am in love with any human being that can make a decent cup o' joe. you should have heard the ramblings of things i wanted to do to the poor guy who gave me my first cup of kona coffee in hawaii. i could have made Hugh Hefner blush!! lol

anyhow, i am just saying, i want a cup right now, but i am stuck here and can't get away to make some or buy some or .... .  donations of breakfast blends, 100% kona, arabian, what ever , are now being accepted.


lostcancerian lostcancerian
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3 Responses Apr 5, 2007

Then go find your barista and make his day. Sounds like the boat im in.I would like to have sex with the barista who serves me coffee and her friend to.

Have you ever tried a coffee press? My coffee is now consistently incredible!!

I take it coffee candy or chocolate covered coffee beans won't do it for you in a pinch?<br />
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