Coffee = Um, Love

I love coffee.  I like it rich and creamy and sweet, preferably with whipped cream on top.  I'll buy it from Starbucks if I have to but I'm almost as happy with it from anywhere else.

True story:  When I was 18, there was this street fair downtown.  It was like, the only thing to do in town that was halfway interesting.  There was this coffee shop on the street that made the best coffee.  My friends and I used to get this creamy vanilla thing (it was almost more cream and sugary goodness than coffee) called a white magic.  It was absolutely, completely amazifuckingfabulous.  I swear.  So I made this joke one day that the drink was better than sex.  (Trust me, if you knew half the guys I'd known when I was 18 you'd agree.)  Somehow my goofball friend latched onto the idea, and soon "coffee" became our secret code word for sex.  "I need more coffee.  Honestly!" It was perfectly acceptable to say in front of a boy or a parent or a boss.  It was pretty damn funny.

I could sure use some coffee right about now...

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That's great! You can never get too much coffee. :D

Without coffee i cannot live. Like a car need fuel, i need coffee.

i like my coffee like I like my sex

all raw

and hot

and fresh



and i like it to be all


and fun and

maybe i just want to

not have sex and just cuddle

or something and

I still want my coffee

"I like it rich and creamy and sweet, preferably with whipped cream on top"... Like your men.

Sorry, ever since I saw Airplane the first time I can't pass up on making that joke...

I love this story!

Let me introduce myself; I am called the coffeediva. Coffee starts and ends my day. I am proud to say that I have found some coffee that doesn't give me the jitters. a friend turned me on to Organo Gold's gourmet coffees. They are called the healthier coffees because they contain ganoderma (google it) and are delicious. They are Starbucks quality, without the price. For more information check out

I am addicted to coffee and it has put a huge dent in my wallet. I was complaining to my friend about it and she sent me this link. All you have to do is submit your email and you're entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card!

I feel the same way. A well-made drink is (almost) as good as sex. :P

I think you like sweets and not so much coffe also lacking according to you your lacking that other "C0FFee" fyi,omg,lol.

So what do you say when you want coffee again right away, a refill? LOL,LOL I look forward to making coffee with my next girlfriend, discreetly asking for coffee, and refill with cream.

LOL what do you call coffee that's ruin with coffee grounds? Eeek!!

A really great cup of coffee makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over and makes my head buzz.

But a really great time in the sack, makes me HOT, i am talking temperature here, and that is quite the accomplishment... my exes say i have icewater running through my veins. (Guess we know how they were in the sack...HUH?) and more than just my HEAD buzzes!!!!

But for a mini cheap thrill, anytime & anywhere...


Uh-oh. I like yesterdays burnt black coffee over ice the next afternoon. What does that =?