Coffee...yes Please!

RIIIING! Alarm goes off. I stumble to the kitchen and start the morning brew. Stumble to the bathroom for the morning agenda. Check the mail with squinty eyes. Ponder going back to bed and then.......that smell, oh that glorious smell, creeping throughout the house. A mild smirk slowly grows as I inhale the smell of bliss, the smell of....LIFE. Oh how I want to run in and pour myself a mug of deliciousness, but no....I must wait for it to finish brewing the entire pot of black, liquid gold. I can't mar the flavor of it's gloriousness by being impatient and stealing it too soon. So, I wait...................until finally...the last hissing from the final drops of water are sucked through. The aroma in the air, the mug in my hand and the first sips of liquid, dark gold with a touch of creamy half and half. All is right in my world, now. Yes, all is right.
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Sounds just like me in the morning with the following exceptions:<br />
1) I don't stumble to the coffee pot, although I have been known to run into chairs and other furniture in the dark; and<br />
2) I CAN'T WAIT! I have to grab that first cup before it's even halfway brewed. In fact I love the heavy taste and aroma of the first part of the coffee. <br />
<br />
Uh-oh, I better go get another cup before I start drooling too badly...

Watch those chairs. lol
I'm about to grab me a cup as well. CHEERS!

Oh yes please. I don't truly wake until I have a mug of that life giving brew. I do like it with milk and raw sugar. We have two coffee makers in the house.

Life giving brew. I love that!

I have a programable coffee maker that I would set the night before so I could wake up to the aroma in the morning. However now that I am retired I don't set it any more, and that is working out pretty good. It isn't unusual for me to wake up around midnight, and there is usually a cup or two left in the pot I can warm up, and drink before going back to bed. I am not much into flavored coffee, and never add any cream or sugar, because I want to get the full flavor of the coffee. I like a good dark full bodied roast, my favorite is French Roast, and I like it to be strong enough to do push ups.

I also love a full bodied coffee. I want that POW of taste. I do like just a touch of half and half in mine, but never any sugar. I think the half and half actually enhances the taste in a way. Now I never use flavored coffee. I'm just not a fan, but I know plenty of people are.

I don't feel truly human in a morning until I've had a couple of cups - or better still mugs - of decent coffee in the morning.

I'm the same. There is just something about it that truly does give that kick. I'm sure it's partly the caffeine, but there is more than that. I'm honestly all about the taste. I hate it when people (my mom included) make a pot of coffee and it looks like light brown colored water with absolutely no flavor at all. That's not coffee, that's just cruel. I want it so dark you cannot see through it. It can't be bitter and I also cannot stand those Bunn coffee makers. The heat setting on the burner is too high and after a short while it starts to burn the coffee and it tastes horrible.

I have a auto coffee maker, I make coffee the night before and it's ready when I stumble out of bed.

I have a setting for mine that I can program, but I am horrible at remembering to program it and usually by the time I do remember, I am way too tired to bother.

I want coffee right now! Your story is very desc<x>riptive, I love it.

Thank you. You know, as soon as I posted that, I got up and brewed another pot.

you are a true coffee lover. so great to meet you.

It's nice to meet you too. I blame my mom for my coffee addiction. She used to always have a cup waiting on me and my sister when we got up in the morning before school.