My Addiction

My love of coffee is already widely known among my students. There isn't a day I would start the class without a hot cup of my favourite drink. They tried to challenge me to quit it and start drinking tea instead, but that idea failed on the very first day of the challenge. Well...I'm not very strong willed. Anyway, at the end of the school year, one of my students nicely surprised me bringing a coffee chocolate, saying that if giving up caffeine entirely is too much for me, then it would be healthier to start eating coffee chocolate instead.

Quite a tempting idea. I rarely say 'no' to chocolate. Have I mentioned I'm not very strong willed? ;)
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I love it!


I'm glad you do! :)

Have you ever tried chocolate covered coffee beans, they are awsome.


No, but I've got to try them now, thanks!

A little chocolate in the coffee is nice. I could go on for way to long on coffee additives.

I am addicted to stimulants, have to go every day with some.

Be careful with these! why do we get addicted so easily? *sigh*

I suppose that it's too easy for the mind to get addicted to any type of drug, strong or not.

Very cute I liked that!


We had a lecturer who brought coffee in and drank it while lecturing -- was so funny. I needed a coffee too in his lectures, they were always last thing, and we could have had five or six hours of lectures before his... Went to a very tough university, but it was worth it, and I absolutely loved my degree courses :)

JMO, was this lecturer funny AFTER drinking his coffee? Are you sure it was only coffee? ;))) I told my sudents at the very beginning that I couldn't do without coffee so they are free to have some drinks during classes, too.

The fact that he was sipping coffee constantly is what was funny, not what he was saying. Unfortunately artificial intelligence wasn't something I saw much humour in ;-)

Ok, I get it now ;)

Oh my actually even thought of trying to give up coffee!? Even the very thought of not having a cup of it within an arm's reach at all times scares me senseless. I eliminated all refined sugar from my diet, cut back on salt and red meat, but coffee..NEVER.

I must say that the coffee chocolate was very sweet of your student (pretty bad pun, I know..hehe)

*off to refill my cup* ;)

Haha, so you're much better! I can't eliminate neither sugar, nor salt, not to mention coffee of course. The chocolate was very sweet of her indeed, but didn't help much. I ate it drinking... coffee ;)