Need More Coffee

Every morning I take a cup of warm coffee, it is the best cup of the day.
I remember on time in Linköping, my friend slept over in Hostel and they didn't server coffee. I search frantically for my morning coffee cup, and when I finally found one, god it was heaven on earth =)
I am Picky with my coffee, no machine make, no gas station coffee, just coffee machine made, the one with the filter and water and grinded coffee powder...
I take a cup when I'am upset or frustrated it sooth my soul, and I stay away from the booze becuse my family has a history, so I take a cup of coffee...
If I help someone with something I use to say just bring me a cup and we are even =)
What would the world be without coffee! Love it! //Me
31-35, M
Sep 20, 2012