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I like my coffee cold with carmel, hazel nut sweetener, sugar, with whipped cream on top. Coffee puts me in a good mood and gives me lots of energy. How do you like your coffee?
CannibalGhost CannibalGhost 16-17, F 2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

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I used to like it as strong as I could get it, with various flavored creamers and sugar. Since I was diagnosed with early-stage glaucoma a couple of years ago, I've had to make my coffee less strong as part of helping control the pressure in my eyes. I usually mix one half regular coffee with one half decaffeinated coffee, and only limit myself to full strength coffee on Saturday morning. My favorite coffee is hot coffee, with chocolate creamer.

Nice and I'm sorry.

Hot, with just a little milk, first thing in the morning along with the newspaper, along with my black cat who wants to sit on my lap while I read.

I like it lol and what is you black cats name because I have a black cat too.

We call my cat cleo. Short for cleopatra. First thing in the morning after I feed her, she demands to sit on my lap. She is part siamese, and has the voice.

Aw, sounds cute. My black cat is called Feta lol. She definitly knows her name. She likes to go in my room and pull clothes out of my dresser and drag them down the stairs. She only meows when she wants something or when she has a sock in her mouth. She only eats cat food and won't eat anything else. Oh, I almost forgot she's really fat and lazy but I love her to death. =)

Interesting. A cat that pulls clothes out, and drags them. Our cat might jump up on a pile of clothes, and knock them down, but never drag them. Sounds like a very talented cat.

My cat also watches Tv. she also tries to open a closed door like a human she jumps up towards the door knob and swats at it with her paw. Sometimes it sound like she trying to talk like a human because her meow sounds very very very odd. 0.0

Feta is just smarter than the average cat. You are lucky to have her.

I love her but sometimes she can be evil haha.

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