Coffee At Any Time

I can't remember when my love for coffe began, but I do remember seing my mom drink coffe every morning, as her way to get ready for day.  I guess that she's always been a coffee lover, at least since I first can remember and I'm pretty sure that love began way before I was born. 

As a child coffee was forbidden to me, but I would watch my Mom and her friends drink coffe when they were chatting and happy to see each other. As confort when something "wrong" had happend to one of them, or as an aid to reenergize my mom after a long day.

I began drinking coffee around my 14th birthday, most likely without my Parents' approval, and probably because I was not suppossed to drink it.  But the one thing I do remember is that coffee became my companion during my long hours of study, and later on in my life, it became the excuse to get together with my friends, and the one drink I can enjoy at any time.

Yes, coffee is good at any time......

NewLya NewLya
36-40, F
2 Responses Jul 8, 2008

I am on board for that one...We can even roast the beans while you drive....Multi-tasking is so in right now...Go green as they say

They say coffee is the most widely used comodity right after gasoline. So why don't use coffee on cars?